We specialise in supporting our clients with country-by-country expertise and our platform allows you to move into each new territory with the safety of our market knowledge.

Web interface

Communication is made simple by our web user interface. This has helped us to create a service to form a new type of SMS offer where the client can take control.

Operator Relationships

At Cube we build direct operator relationships wherever possible to give our market position true value. We use a combination of bulk and premium messaging to help our clients gain market share.

Global Complexities Solved

Cube allows communication and billing to millions of mobile users globally. Our service offers interaction and payment solutions between three market segments - B2B, B2C and P2P.

Why Choose Cube?

Our software is outstanding as is our customer service. Our team is dedicated and professional with a passion for mobile messaging and the mobile industry. We have a global presence and we are always available to ensure our customers receive cutting edge mobile solutions and world class customer care.